Disclaimers -

Star Trek:
Paramount owns everything Star Trek related.  We own only our own ideas of  how the series should be.  We mean no infringement on Paramount, we're just taking the boys out to play for a little while, and we'll return them a whole lot happier, we promise<vbeg>.

The Sentinel:
Jim and Blair (and all of the rest of the Sentinel things) don't belong to us <sob> if they did we would be really nice and share them.  They belong to Pet Fly and Paramount.  We're only borrowing them for a while, to let them do the things that PF & P won't let them do on the show.

No, Duncan and Methos, and all of their Highlander friends (and enemies<g>), don't belong to us.  They are the property of Rysher:  Panzer/Davis. We're just having fun, letting them do the things they really want to, but aren't allowed to do on TV.  We'll return them in much better moods, promise<g>.

Once A Thief:
Mac, Vic and all of the other OAT stuff was created by John Woo and is the property of Alliance Television Productions.   We only want to keep them for a while.  Well, we'd love to keep them permanently, but we know we can't
Alex, Fox and all of the X-Files universe belongs to Chris Carter, 1013 productions and Fox Broadcasting. We wish they belonged to us, but since they don't, we're going to borrow them for a while, just to have a little fun with them<eg>.

So, we'll return them all after we're done.  In the meantime, we don't mean any infringement by using them, and we make no money with our stories, just the praise (we hope) of our friends, so please don't sue us.  You won't get much, other than some really bad crying scenes and no money. So if you leave us alone we promise not to get rich off these things and if TPTB don't sue us...everybody will be happy! <g>

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