Title: When One Door Closes
Author/pseudonym: Sandra Lee
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: M/K

Archive: Ask first
Series/Sequel: Possibly

Disclaimers:  The Surfer's not mine. Mind you if he keeps mistreating his toys I might have to take them off him.

Notes:  As alway for Karen. She knows why. I finished this one early 1999 I think and I'm only just getting around to posting it.

Summary: Krycek's POV not long after the episode The End.

Warnings: Not Beta'd <g> It's a little rougher than my usual writing.


I waited, just outside the circle of brightness cast by the street light. The tapping of my boots against the pavement the only sign of my agitation.

I checked my watch again...

One minute later than the last time I looked.

Where the hell was he?

Okay so his office was now nothing more than a pile of ashes and he was taken off the X files but was that any reason not to be punctual?

Of course it was this is Mulder we are talking about...genius profiler, brilliant investigator and man bordering on the obsessive.

I had been stalking him in the week since the fire, following his movements, watching as he drew further and further into himself with each passing day until even his beloved partner couldn't reach him.

Even Skinner had given it a try and when his reassurances and pleas to not give up had fallen on deaf ears he had resorted to yelling.

I remember that voice from when I was first partnered with Mulder, I call it his 'obey me or else' voice, the kind of tone that would make a man fall to his knees and beg to be allowed to serve him in any way possible. I still shiver at the thought.

I arranged this meeting in the hope that I could get through to him.

Arrogance on my part? Probably. But I was also the one person that seemed to provoke Mulder without even trying.

And that's what I planned to do, provoke him, goad him into some kind of reaction even if it left me bruised and in pain afterwards.

He couldn't give up. I wouldn't allow it and I would do everything in my power to see that he didn't. He is too damn important to everything I've worked towards, too damn important to the survival of the human race and too damn important to me to lose him now.

Fine so it sounds like a line from a bad Science Fiction movie. Welcome to my life.

I was in the process of checking my watch again when I heard someone approach, I slid deeper into the shadows to wait until whoever it was pass, expecting the sound of an engine being cut off and a door slamming to announce Mulder's arrival.

I was wrong.

The footsteps stopped just within the ring of light and I crept forward cautiously until I identified the person as Mulder.

I let a breath that I hadn't even been aware that I was holding escape and entered the light to stand directly in front of him causing him to jump back slightly startled.

I was pleased, I needed to keep him off-balance.

I gave him what I hoped was a feral grin and waited for his anger.

"Okay Krycek I'm here, tell me what you want and I'll go."

Dead, toneless, completely lacking in emotion.

Where the hell was the passion, the insults and anger.

This was even worse than I had thought.

I looked into his eyes and didn't find the blankness I assumed would be there, instead they burned but not with his normal genius, the flame of his convictions but with the fire of near madness.

He repeated his question and suddenly I knew what to say.

"It's a nice night, knew you weren't doing much since your office got torched and I was feeling lonely, I decided to see if I could interest you in a round of mini golf or maybe go bowling." I told him in a level voice, carefully masking my glee at his rising fury.

"So what do you think? Mini golf, a couple of beers and I might even shout you an ice cream on the way home."

"Cut the crap Krycek, tell me the reason you wanted to see me then leave me the hell alone." He muttered, glaring.

I tilted my head and sighed loudly. "Hmmm obviously don't like the mini golf idea, well what about bowling? I haven't played it in a couple of years but I used to be fairly good."

"I told you to cut the crap," he growled warningly, "Besides don't you need two arms to bowl?" He added sneering.


"Oh you'd be surprised at what I can still do with one arm." I purred silkily.

"Look I don't have time for games and I've been mind-fucked by better people than you Krycek."

"On the contrary, you have lots of time. You no longer have the X files remember?" I taunted him.

"Gloating are you, you Rat-bastard?"

"Hey only call me that if you mean it *Fox*!" I replied, clutching my chest melodramatically.

"Why you little..."

"Yes?" I asked him sweetly.

Almost, I almost had him I could see it in his eyes and the clenching of his jaw.

"Are you going to hit me *Fox*...isn't that usually how our conversations end. Oh silly me, no one has pulled a gun out yet." I stated scornfully.

"Is that what you want? Is that the twisted way you get off these days Krycek? Having a gun held to your head or hit"

"At least I 'get off' to something other than cheap sleazy movies *Fox*"

Oh I hadn't had this much fun in ages.

"So when is the last time you actually got 'any' Foxy...and that peck I gave you on the cheek doesn't count."

He turned with the intent of storming away but with a speed that sometimes still surprised me I grabbed his arm and held tight.

"Coward!" I whispered.

I managed to duck before his fist would have connected, but I didn't anticipate the knee to the stomach.

I grunted but managed to laugh mockingly.

"Is that it? C'mon Foxy I can take anything you care to dish out."

A punch to the my chest, narrowly missing my throat left me gasping for air.

"Anything I can dish out...How about this?" And with that he kissed me.

Actually kissing was tame compared to what he was doing to me.

He forced my lips apart and plundered my mouth ruthlessly and I loved it.

His fingernails dug into my arms, drawing blood and stinging and I encouraged it.

I remained  passive, letting him work out his anger on my willing body.

I guessed that he would realise exactly what he was doing and push me away in disgust so I yelped in surprise when he shoved me to the ground.

He leant all his weight on my chest pinning me down.

"I want answers Krycek. Why did you invite me here tonight?" he demanded, breathing roughly.

I told him the last thing he expected, the truth.

"I wanted to provoke you"

"Satisfied? You managed it." He said, grinding his hips into mine, our erections meeting through the barrier of our clothing.

"Is this what you wanted Krycek? Me to hit you and then fuck you?"

I shivered knowing that was exactly what I wanted.

"So what do I get out of this?" he asked me harshly. "The body of a double...no triple agent that has probably whored for the consortium. Why would I want that?"

With certainty I answered him. "I am not a whore and I *know* you want me however much you might deny it. I could have taken you on the floor of your apartment that night but I didn't."

My answer angered him even more.

"Fine you want me to fuck you," he growled wildly. "On your hands and knees!"

I don't think he believed I would do it but as soon as he rolled off me I did as he asked.

I knelt there on the cool concrete, panting harshly, the blood pumping through my veins like fire.

I waited.

Waited for his next move not sure he was angry enough to go through with it. But then I felt him grip the back of my jeans in one hand and the other move around to the front to lower my zipper.

He roughly jerked them down, pulling them just fair enough that I could spread my legs, so I did.

He laughed contemptuously and I knew I deserved it but didn't care.

I heard him moving behind me, then the sound of metal teeth as his zipper was opened.

More rustling and then I felt his weight and the heat of his body along my back and I knew this was going to be rough and I knew it would probably hurt but I also knew this would probably be the best fuck of my life because of who it was doing it to me.

He could go back to hating me as soon as he was done but right now he was mine he just didn't realise it. I had reached him and I don't think he would allow himself to get lost again.

He thrust two fingers in front of my face and ordered me to suck them.

I did, after wetting them as much as possible I started to tease him, nipping and swirling my tongue around the digits until he moaned softly and withdrew them.

I felt his hands on my ass, parting it and then one saliva slicked finger working it's way down to penetrate me.

I relaxed as much as possible, squirming as he added another finger.

After what I though was too little time the probing fingers were removed.

"Fuck me Mulder!" I hissed.

And he did.

With a growl that would put Skinner to shame he slammed into me and I couldn't help the involuntary cry of pain that escaped my lips.

But it was good, so good and if he had stopped at that moment I swear I would have killed him.

He grunted and thrust harder, his hands gripping my hips for more leverage.

I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck and I felt drops of moisture land on my nape. I assumed it was sweat, I was wrong he was crying.

Silently the tears fell as he thrust harder and faster into my ass.

I arched back urging him on, careful to keep my balance until with a scream he came and collapsed against my back, the weight forcing me down onto the concrete and the roughness was all the stimulation I needed and with a hoarse cry I came as well.

His shudders racked both our bodies and I moaned with loss when he finally withdrew.

I turned my head to look at him, curled up nearly into a ball on the dirty and cold ground beside me, sobbing wordlessly.

I moved, hissing as my over-used and abused muscles protested and rolled towards him, curving my body against his and sharing my warmth.

I tangled my fingers into his sweat slicked hair and started whispering to him in Russian, crooning soothingly

Instead of moving away he huddled closer and wrapped his arms around me, shaking.

"It's going to be alright Fox."

He probably considered it a meaningless reassurance but to me it was a promise.



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