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Mac and Vic from Once a Thief


The Literary works of:
Karen...Beloved Corruptor (and resident Nag Goddess)


The Creative efforts of:
Sandra...Mistress of the Realm (and Slash Slut from Downunder)


Fiction based on:
The Sentinel, Star Trek - Voyager, X-Files, Once a Thief,
Star Wars - The Phantom Menace, Highlander and various other Fandoms

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The Fiction contained in the following pages is of a mature nature -- and any Humans, Animals or Extraterrestrial's view this page who are under the legal age limit of their locality
should leave now

If you are over the legal age limit but are offended by such things as two or more people, who just happen to be male, involved in a (mostly <g>) loving relationship
-- with *all* that entails -- then please also leave now.

Fiction by Karen

Star Trek- Voyager

All I want for Christmas C/P NC-17Summary - A surprising request for Christmas
Rewards C/P NC-17
Summary - A reward is given and received.
[Minor Warning: includes b/d elements]
Essay Answer C/P PG-13 HumourSummary - Answer to the 500 word Essay question at the end of Mona R's "Embraceable Q"
C/P Anniversary Story C/P PG-13 Summary - Anniversary Story for the CPSG

The Sentinel

Together J/B NC-17
Summary - Someone is taught a lesson.
[Minor Warning: includes b/d & d/s elements]

Highlander - The Series

Miles Away D/M PG-13 Summary - DMSG Song Challenge response (Duncan Angst! <g>)

Fiction by Sandra

Star Trek- Voyager

Bound P/? NC-17
Summary - A mysterious tormentor has Tom captive.
Gagged C/P NC-17
Summary - Sequel to Bound.
Breakfast in Bed C/P R
Summary - Pure Silliness - not a hint of plot to be found <g>
Essay Answer C/P NC-17Summary - Answer to the 500 word Essay question at the end of Mona R's "Embraceable Q"
Eastersmut! C/P NC-17Summary - I think the title says it all <g>

The X-Files

A Couch isn't just for sleeping on... M/K  NC-17
Summary - Another use for Mulder's infamous couch.
Angel of Mine M/K PG-13 Summary - A short dream-like piece inspired by a photo. 

The Sentinel

Drabbles for Karen J/B NC-17 Summary - A series of connected drabbles that were originally written to cheer
my Beloved Corruptor up, and gained a mind of their own.
Now finished - 45 parts [Minor Warning: includes elements of d/s]

Star Wars - The Phantom Menace

Until We Meet Again Q/O PG-13 Summary - Obi-Wan's thoughts on...[Contains Spoilers!]

Snippets and Assorted Drabbles


The Gift D/M PG-13 [Highlander]Summary - Snippet for Karen's Birthday
Happy Birthday Partner S/H PG-13 [Starsky & Hutch]Summary - Snippet for Karen's Birthday
Umm...Ares? A/J PG-13 [Xena]Summary - Snippet for Karen's Birthday


Assorted Voyager Drabbles
Assorted X-Files Drabbles
Assorted Sentinel Drabbles Other TS Drabbles Christmas Drabble Easter Drabble Bear Hugs Drabble


Once a Thief

Tickle Torture V/M NC-17 Summary - aka The ABC Challenge.
A response written by Karen - Beloved Corruptor
and Sandra - Mistress of the Realm.

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