One final warning just in case you did not come to this page from the fiction index. The following stories are *Slash* Meaning that they contain a relationship between two adults of the same gender. If that bothers you please exit this page quietly.


Star Trek Voyager -

All I Want for Christmas C/P NC-17  Summary- A suprising request for Christmas.

Rewards -  C/P NC-17 PWP  [Minor warning: includes b/d elements]  Summary- A Reward is given and received (can you tell I hate writing summaries? <g>)

Essay Answer -  C/P PG-13  Humor  Summary- Answer to 500 word Essay Question at the end of Mona R's "Embraceable Q"
C/P Anniversary Story - C/P PG-13 Summary- Anniverary Story for the CPSG 

 The Sentinel -

Together -  J/B NC-17 PWP  [Minor warning: includes elements of d/s and b/d] Summary- Someone is taught a lesson.

Highlander the Series

Miles Away -  D/M PG-13 Summary- DMSG Song Challenge response (Duncan Angst <g>)



Tickle Torture - V/M NC-17 Once a Thief. (aka The ABC Challenge Response)
Summary - A challenge response written by Karen - Beloved Corruptor and Sandra - Mistress of the Realm.


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