Til It's Gone - [text version] E/OMC C/E, NC-17 73k

Summary: Chris doesn't realize what he's feeling for Ezra...until an actor in a travelling troupe arrives in Four Corners and pursues the gambler.

Notes: This fic was previously published in the zine "My Seducer"

The Past Returns - [text version] C/E, R 233k

Summary: Ezra's past comes back with a vengence, and the rest of the Seven come together to help him.

One Good Deed - [text version] C/E, PG 130k

Summary: Just when they finally get a chance at a beginning, a mistake drives Chris and Ezra apart.

Fool Traditions - [text version] C/E, PG 14k

Summary: ATF Universe. It's April 1. I couldn't resist...and neither could Ezra and the rest of the boys, apparently .

The Wooing - [text version] C/E, NC-17 146k

Ezra loves Chris.  Chris loves Ezra.  (of course)  But Ezra needs a little reassurance, a little courtship, before he is willing to give his heart

Unspoken - [text version] C/E B/JD, PG-13 128k

Too many things left unspoken threatens to tear the Seven apart, unless a certain reticent gambler can open up in time.

Fevered Dreams - [text version] C/E, PG-13 77k

Ezra learns to see the rest of the Seven through new eyes, thanks to a fever-induced dream. Warnings:  Parts of this are basically AU, but it is set in the premise of a dream, so donít worry, these are the same characters we know and love (well, as seen through my own little viewing lens).

Missed Opportunities - [text version] E/V NC-17 83k

Chris finally notices the wonder that is Ezra...too bad someone else has gotten there first. What will the man in black do? (dramatic music)



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