Marked - J/A, NC-17 24k

Summary: Jonathan and Ardeth out under the stars...

Unexpected Comfort - [text version] J/A, NC-17 81k

Upset over losing Rick to Evie, Jonathan finds comfort in a most unexpected place.

Expected Reunion - [text version] J/A, NC-17 66k

Sequel to Unexpected Comfort. Rick and Evie are getting married...Yay! Jonathan returns to Cairo...Yay! Ardeth is in town...Yay! The sexual tension abounds...Yay!

Changed Mind - [text version] R/A NC-17 50k

What would have happened if Ardeth didnít leave Rick to wander out of the desert alone, after the first battle at Hamunaptra?

Fallen - J/A, R 13k The Mummy Returns

After the events of TMR, Jonathan and Ardeth find friendship in each other. Warnings: Don't read this if you haven't seen TMR and don't want a few major plot points ruined, K?

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