Assorted X-files Drabbles



“Never” Krycek growled, as the handcuffs surrounding his wrists once more bit into the soft

“I’ll make you surrender!” Mulder promised softly before swooping down and claiming the other
man’s mouth.

Krycek began to struggle in earnest, lifting his hips to try and unseat the FBI agent. This action
worked against him, as hot skin came into contact with equally hot skin.

Both men groaned.

Mulder drew back and smiled, “Alex… don’t make this any harder for yourself’ His smile turned
into a grin as he realised his unintentional pun.

Krycek muttered something in Russian that sounded suspiciously rude.

A body slammed into Mulder’s from behind.

Hands covered his own, pining them against the rough surface of the wall, as a very familiar voice whispered against his ear.

“Miss me Mulder?” it purred.

Mulder swore softly and heard his assailant laugh.

“Dammit Krycek! What now?” He hissed.

“I just thought I’d say hello!” Lips brushed briefly against his ear.

“You’ve said it… so leave me the hell alone!”

Something hard pressed into the small of his back.

Mulder’s quirky sense of humor suddenly surfaced.

“Is that a gun in your pocket? Or are you just glad to see me?”

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