Title: A Matter of Chocolate
Author: Kay
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Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Doyle, Xander/Angel/Spike/Doyle
Rating: NC-17
Sequel:  Matter of C... series
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the characters of the show don't
belong to me in anyway whatsoever. Mutant Enemy, I live in envy of you.
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the Starving Student Sect.
Summary:  Easter.  Chocolate.  Silliness.  Smut.
Warnings:  I think the summary pretty much covered it, don't you?


Doyle tripped a little as he was dragged backwards through the office, but
he managed to keep his feet as Spike pulled him with vampiric speed into
the back office.  Spike slammed the door shut and locked it in a single
smooth movement.  Doyle wanted to ask him exactly what he thought he was
doing, but the vampire clamped his hand down over his mouth to keep him

The door shuddered twice under the impact of great force, one time right
after another.  There was a short pause, and then the door handle began to
rattle violently, the door shaking as the knob was wrenched back and
forth.  After a few moments, this too stopped.  The sound of muted
scuffling drifted through the door, then faded and was gone.

Doyle began to relax, but Spike still kept him silenced and stayed
absolutely still, eyes fixed on the door.  Outside of the bedroom, being
gagged really wasn’t one of Doyle’s favorite activities.  He soon lost his
patience and managed to wriggle his way out of Spike’s grasp.  Before he
could say anything, Spike rounded on him.

“How the hell could you let that happen?” he hissed in a furious whisper.

“Exactly how was I supposed to know that he’d react like that?” Doyle
demanded, following his lover’s cue and keeping his voice low.  “I was
just trying to keep Xander from getting too much!  I was using Angel to
help keep him under control!  Remember Valentine’s Day?”  He watched as
Spike nodded.

Valentine’s Day had been, for the most part, a good holiday for them.
Lots of goofy stuffed animals, cards with bad puns, and red silk boxers.
There had only been one iffy moment:  Xander had gotten into all the
chocolate boxes they’d amassed and had, for lack of a better way to
describe it, freaked out.  The dark-eyed young man had been transformed by
the chocolate and sugar into a giggling maniac.  Without ever stopping
laughing, he managed to wear out Angel, Spike, and Doyle, insisting on
playing basketball, hunting down a few demons, and then wanting to make
love until dawn.  Doyle had thoroughly enjoyed the last part, although
having sex with someone who refused to stop giggling had been a new

As Easter candy had begun to pile up in their home (none of them could
resist Xander’s starving-puppy-eyes when they passed by a store) Doyle had
hoped to avoid the exhaustion by limiting his lover’s chocolate intake.
To further that end, he’d begun to encourage Angel to eat the candy as
well, figuring that every piece someone else scarfed down was one less
that Xander could eat.

His plan had back-fired.  It had back-fired *spectacularly*.  It turned
out that Xander wasn’t the only one with odd reactions to too much

Spike shook his head and sat down on the single large desk that dominated
the room.  “Usually Angel’s too busy being a great brooding pouf to let
himself go and indulge in candy.  Doesn’t let himself have it since he
doesn’t deserve to have any amount of happiness or pleasure.  Now,
though...”  Despite the fact that his attention was still fixed on the
door, a small pleased smile crossed his face.

Doyle felt an identical smile on his own lips.  Even in their current
situation, it gave him what Cordy would undoubtedly call ‘warm fuzzies’
inside to think that being with them had helped Angel let go of some of
the guilt and self-loathing that he had held onto and cherished for so
long.  While still somber at times, Angel was beginning to reveal
unexpected depths of humor and light-heartedness that Doyle delighted in
seeing revealed.  “So what do we do now?”

“We just have to wait it out.  Let them get it out of their systems.”

“That could take hours!”

“No help for it.”  Spike patted his pockets and shook his head disgustedly
as he found no cigarettes on him.  “Maybe they’ll wear each other out.”

Doyle nodded.  He looked at Spike...and burst into laughter that he
smothered frantically with his hands.

Spike was still wearing the bunny ears.

The ears had tipped the blond man off to Xander and Angel’s condition.
Doyle had been trying to figure out what was wrong with them when Spike
had returned from a brief foray down into the sewers.  Before Doyle could
give him any kind of a warning, the two dark-haired men had been upon the
vampire.  Xander had wrapped himself around Spike and kissed him
Spike had responded eagerly, never noticing that one of Xander’s hands had
crept up and planted a pair of floppy white bunny ears on his head.

When Xander had pulled away from him, leaning back to check them out,
Angel had raised his hand.  “Now this?” he’d asked, and giggled.
*Giggled*.  He was holding up a fluffy white bunny tail, complete with
safety pin for easy attachment.  Spike had taken one look at it and had
taken off, dragging Doyle along with him as he headed for the sanctuary of
the back room of the office.

Spike looked confused at Doyle’s laughter, then suddenly seemed to figure
things out.  He reached up and pulled the ears off, swearing darkly as he
got a look at them.

“I’m glad they didn’t get the tail on you,” Doyle said with a leer.  “I
like your tail just the way it is.”

Tossing the ears down on the desk, Spike grinned at him.  “Yeah?”  He
stood up and turned his back on Doyle, gazing back down over his shoulder
to take a look at it.  “Nice, isn’t it?”

“Very nice,” Doyle agreed, taking a few steps forward and rubbing the
denim-covered tail in question appreciatively.  Spike turned around and
Doyle caught his mouth in a teasing kiss of playful caresses and sweet
gliding of tongue over tongue.  He suddenly figured out a good way for
them to pass the time.  He backed Spike into the desk, hands roaming
inquisitively over Spike’s body as if for the first time.  He licked his
way over to Spike’s ear and worried at the lobe before whispering, “Do you
have anything?”

“’Course,” Spike panted.  “Ate enough bloody boy scouts in my time to know
the rule.”  He handed Spike a battered tube of lube.

Ignoring that last remark, Doyle began to remove his clothing.  He wasn’t
going to let Spike do it:  the blond seemed to gain pleasure from first
tearing clothes off his lovers and then wheedling Angel into paying to
replace them.  Doyle liked his clothing just fine, so he’d take care of it
himself, thank you very much.

In front of him, Spike pulled off his own shirt and jeans, tossing them to
the floor.  His blue gaze wandered up and down Doyle’s body, making the
Irishman to shiver lightly.  “Gorgeous,” the vampire murmured to himself.

Doyle flushed in a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment, but then Spike’s
cool hands were on his heated skin and none of that mattered any longer.
He arched into the touch, panting as the hands were alternately gentle and
rough but always filled with love that he could feel through his skin.  He
returned the caresses, scraping his nails over the span of his back, over
the tightened nubs of his nipples.

Spike gasped and thrust against him, erection brushing against Doyle’s.
“Want you.”

“Want you, too,” Doyle echoed, leaning forward to nibble his way up
Spike’s neck.  “Want you...wearing the ears.”

Spike tried to back up, but Doyle had him pinned to the desk so he had
nowhere to go.  “What?”

Doyle grinned evilly.  “Wear the ears for me,” he said, bending forward to
suck at Spike’s nipples.

“No...mmmm...no fucking way,” Spike rasped out.

“Please?” Doyle pleaded, fingers dancing in a teasing pattern over the
other man’s hard length.

“How much chocolate did you have?”

“None.”  It was true.  He’d had an obscene number of those little
marshmallow chicks, but no chocolate.  “Please?”

Spike groaned.  “Fine.”

Doyle grinned triumphantly and levered the other man up onto the desk.  He
reached past Spike and grabbed the ears, putting them on his lover before
he could change his mind.  Spike scowled at him, but when Doyle slid a
slick finger inside of him the scowl faded and he arched into the touch,
moaning appreciatively.

Stroking Spike’s erection as he prepared him, Doyle delighted in the
expressions that crossed his lover’s face:  lust, need, love, want, each
one serving to make him harder.  Slicking his own erection, he pulled
Spike’s hips toward him and pressed himself inside his lover.  He gasped
as Spike thrust back against him, engulfing him in slick tightness that
felt like home.

Moving together in a familiar rhythm that always felt new each time they
found it, Doyle thrust into Spike faster and faster. As he felt himself
near completion, he reached up and fisted his lover’s hardness, driving
Spike into orgasm.  The sound and sight of his lover gasping out beneath
him and the feel of his body spasming around his hard flesh combined and
triggered Doyle’s release.  He bit down on his lip to muffle the sound of
his own cry, shuddering as he came deep within Spike’s body.

His knees shook as he regretfully slipped out of Spike, but before he
could do more than wobble he was gathered into strong arms and hauled up
to curl up on top of Spike.  He relaxed onto the hard body, kissing the
pale skin of the shoulder beneath his head.  Cool fingers curled in his
hair, stroking though the short strands in an oddly intimate caress.

Doyle nuzzled into Spike’s neck.  “Do you think it’s safe to go out?”

Before Spike could answer, several crashes sounded in the main office.
The sound was followed by Cordy’s voice, raised to an indignant shout.
“What the hell are you two doing?  I do *not* get paid enough for this
shit.  No one else would put up with this.  For the love of...do you two
reek of chocolate?  What idiot let you have chocolate?  Spike!  DOYLE!”

The green-eyed man smothered his laughter against the shaking body beneath
him.  “Guess we’ll be staying in here, then.”

“Good thing we found a way to pass the time, eh?”

Ignoring the sound of Cordelia’s hasty departure and the odd thumps
outside, Doyle squirmed around and met Spike’s lips with his own.  He
murmured unhappily and opened his eyes when Spike ended the kiss.

Blue eyes glinted mischievously up at him.  “This time, pet, *you* wear
the ears.”


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