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New story on The Magnificent Seven page - Til It's Gone

Warning: The stories on this page contain homoerotic content which may be quite explicit. If the thought of manly men, in the full bloom of their manhood, involved sexual relationships and enjoying that fully bloomed manhood I mentioned before isnít what youíre looking for, then this isnít the page you want. Hit your back button and enjoy your day! Disclaimer: I donít claim ownership of the characters or concepts of the fandoms found on this site. I just claim that these guys are a lot of fun to play with and I am a weak, weak woman. No monetary profit is being made off of these stories and no harm is intended. Iím merely expressing my admiration for the characters and my inability to resist temptation.

Please do not use any of the graphics/pictures on this page as they were made for this site only. Any comments or questions please contact the Web Mistress and for further information on this website and it's contents visit the Site Credits page

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