A Matter of Control - [text version] X/?  NC-17 221k

Xander gets hit with the effects of a fairly nasty demon.  He's going to need Spike's help, along with Angel and Doyle's, if he's going to live through it.

Warnings:  spoilers in general for the first season of Angel, and the last season of Buffy, and for the characters' general situations in them.  Other than that, I'm not really going by canon, so who knows what will happen?
An extra warning:  there is some talk of suicide in this fic, just so everyone is warned.

A Matter of Confrontation - [text version] A/S/D/X NC-17 227k

Sequel to A Matter of Control
Several months after his arrival in the city, Xander and his lovers are getting on with life in LA...until a demon brings the Scooby Gang to town.

A Matter of Claiming - [text version] A/S/D/X NC-17 51k

Set after A Matter of Confrontation
Shortly after the Scooby Gang leaves LA, Xander's lovers realize that there is something that still has to be done, another step to be taken.

A Matter of Chocolate - S/D, X/A/S/D NC-17 13k

Set after A Matter of Claiming. Easter. Chocolate. Silliness. Smut.

Matter of Chocolate...Revisited - Coming Soon

Matter of Consequences - Coming Soon

Adam has kindly made a banner for this story, see it here

Not Just Another Human - [text version] X/A NC-17 233k

Formally known as Xander in LA.

Summary: A year after moving to LA, Angel meets someone: a man named Xander, who moved to LA five years ago.
Warnings - AU

Kay won an award! Best Unexpected Twist (Crossover)

Not Just Another Human won Best AU in the Xander Awards

Not Just Another Vampire - [text version] X/A Wes/D NC-17 150k

Summary: Xander and Angel look into some strange disappearances occurring in the demon community of Los Angeles and in the course of doing so encounter old friends and enemies both.

Healer - [text version] X/A Wes/G NC-17 500k

Summary: Xander returns to California after disappearing five years before, encountering new enemies and old enemies...who just might become new flames.

Immortal Convergence - [text version] X/W, X/W/S, G/Richie, D/M NC-17 269k

Summary: A renegade immortal on the Hellmouth puts Sunnydale in danger, and it’s up to the Scooby Gang and some visitors from Seacouver to put things right.
This is a Crossover with Highlander the Series

Uncommon Distractions - [text version] X/Gr/S NC-17 365k

Summary: Graham and Riley are called back to Sunnydale when the area destabilizes. When they return, they discover there are new factors in lives of the Scooby Gang, especially in Xander and Spike’s. Spoilers: The last season of Buffy. The incident with Glory, and the ep “The Body”. (Look at me, trying to be vague). And that ugly rumor about Spike and a certain blond slayer? Never happened.

Discoveries - [text version] S/X, NC-17 60k

Xander and Spike make some discoveries about each other, that bring them closer.  A lot closer <g>. Warnings:  Um, spoilers for the current season, and the characters’ situations in it.  But it tends to veer off in AU directions...

Discovered [text version] S/X NC-17 96k

Sequel to Discoveries. Xander and Spike are enjoying themselves as they continue to explore their relationship.  But not everyone is pleased that they’re together (dun dun DUH) Warnings:  Um, spoilers for the current season, and the characters’ situations in it.  But it tends to veer off in AU directions...

Special Offer
Unhappy Drabbles - Nightmares in Common S/X R

Spike finds he and Xander have something in common. Warnings: Um, spoilers for the current season, and the characters’ situations in it. Bad language in some parts of this. References of Rape/Abuse

Letter Lost - A/? R 7k

Angel finds a letter on Valentine's Day [AngelSlashValentine's Day 2001 Challenge]

Taunt-the-Vampire - S/X NC-17 20 k

After being mocked by Spike once too often, Xander comes up with a way to get his revenge. Warning - This contains mention of bondage, blood play and self-cutting as a form of sexual interaction.

Burn the Candle Down - A/W R 20 k

Sometimes you get the most unexpected Birthday present.

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